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Non Image loading
« on: 2011 March 01 11:05:33 »

Every now and again I load up a image and it does not appear on my desktop , So I load it again to find that it has loaded a copy  ???

I have now found that the image is loaded up but not displayed and If i go to the view selector at the bottom of the screen and select it , it appears ?

Not terrible , but slightly annoying

Harry Page

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Re: Non Image loading
« Reply #1 on: 2011 March 01 13:49:02 »
Hi Harry, It's extrange.

Do you work with two monitors? Did you try opening a second instance of Pix?

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Re: Non Image loading
« Reply #2 on: 2011 March 02 05:04:58 »
Harry, I see the same random hidden image problem on my MAC running the 64bit version, I assumed it was a problem with MAC/64bit SW .
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Re: Non Image loading
« Reply #3 on: 2011 March 05 03:17:34 »
We haven't seen this problem before. On the Mac OS X 64-bit version it is very strange, but something we can assume as due to the fact that this version is still 'experimental'. However, on the rest of platforms (including the 32-bit Mac version) this kind of things should never happen.

The next version of the PixInsight Core application is being built right now based on the last version of the Qt framework (4.7.2) which fixes some bugs. Let's see if this problem goes away.
Juan Conejero
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