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Melotte 15 (Heart Nebula)
« on: 2010 December 17 14:11:41 »
Hi folks,

I thought I would post my first real try at an emission nebula using some variation of an HaRGB combination technique.  In the spirit of Jack's post, I am hoping this might be a learning experience for me (and others).

I thought the detail turned out well (especially considering the suburban location), but I am not thrilled with the color balance.  Without reciting the entire processing methodology I used, I wanted to layout what I suspect are possible culprits:

1.) I only captured 60 minutes of 5min 2x2 RGB (each) from a suburban location.  I think that the signal might be a bit too weak to obtain proper balancing of colors.
2.) The LRGB method I used is likely suspect:  First I processed the Lum(Ha) to my liking.  Next I used the LRGB module (without L checked) to combine the linear RGB stacks.  This was followed by background neutralization, DBE, color calibration (no structure detection) and finally by MTF.  I had difficulty with BN and CC because the emission nebula covers the entirety of the frame (I was unable to provide a viable reference background).  As such I chose the entire image as the reference (probably a bad idea).

At this point I have a RGB composite that looks very weak.  Using the LRGB combine tool, I add the Ha as Luminance and this turns a very nicely colored image (albeit weak) into a red-pink monstrosity.  I have not yet tried Vincent's methodology ( because I am unsure if capturing RGB at 2x2 will scale well.

Any suggestions are welcome...

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