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Translation to italian
« on: 2010 September 28 23:03:51 »
Hi all,
first of all, excuse me if this isn't the right section. If it isn't, please move this where it belongs.
I am introducing PI to some members of my astro group, and one of the big challanges is the english language. Would it even be conceivable for me to translate the PI UI to italian?



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Re: Translation to italian
« Reply #1 on: 2010 September 28 23:44:35 »
Short answer: no :P PI has not been build with a multilingual scheme in mind, so translating all the GUI is not straightforward. Also, you have to keep in mind that every process is implemented through a external module. In practice (I may be wrong), the only way I see to translate a process is to modify the code, and compile a specific version (with a custom UI, not only the texts, but the size of the labels, spacings, etc etc; and also with a custom console output... and that is another nightmare).
BTW, we have the same "discussion" with the spanish talking people all the time :P. It is just too much work to set that, and there are other higher priorities. Much more productive would be translating videotutorials, or the future documentation. After all, the UI has only "labels" on it. What does matter, is that you understand what is happening (and why), and not how you spell it.

PS: Forgot to say: Thank you very much for the offer! I'm sure Juan will contact you if anything changes, or there are other possibilities to contribute in this field.

Carlos Milovic F.
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Re: Translation to italian
« Reply #2 on: 2010 October 13 05:42:27 »
Maybe XUL could be integrated in PI at some point.
 David Serrano