Author Topic: Cannot find dlls after licence install  (Read 1148 times)

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Cannot find dlls after licence install
« on: 2010 September 24 13:13:07 »
I recently pruchased a commercial licence after running the trial for a couple of weeks

I followed the instructions and uninstalled PI. Then downloaded the Win32 image and ran it successfully

On starting PI, I got the message something like 'You have a trial licence, woudl you like PI to delete this licence for you' to which I said Yes. PI then exited which is not waht I expected.

So I then restarted PI, entered the appropriate licence codes and then PI began to load with a lot of messages appearing in the Console Window saying cannot locate *pxm.dll for each of the functions. On load completion there were no icons in the Process EXplorer

I restarted PI and everything appeared fine

I am running Vista SP2 wiht latest updates


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Re: Cannot find dlls after licence install
« Reply #1 on: 2010 September 29 03:44:40 »
... PI then exited which is not waht I expected.

Indeed. This is not normal behavior; the license activation process should have continued normally. I'll try to reproduce it.

Somebody else has had this problem when trying to activate his/her license for the first time?
Juan Conejero
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