Author Topic: New DrizzleIntegration Tool Released  (Read 68015 times)

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Re: New DrizzleIntegration Tool Released
« Reply #75 on: 2016 December 13 15:06:55 »

There is no guarantee that you can achieve a good result with the script on drizzled images.

But try tweaking variance scale. Maybe try a binary search? If 1.0 is bad try 0.5. If 0.5 is bad try 0.25, otherwise try 0.75, and so on, halving the search range at each step.


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Re: New DrizzleIntegration Tool Released
« Reply #76 on: 2016 December 28 10:15:18 »
Thanks, will give it a shot.  This is just part of my routine workflow now and I have added the drizzle into that workflow, so there is a slight train wreck in PI negotiating these two procedures....
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Re: New DrizzleIntegration Tool Released
« Reply #77 on: 2018 February 19 23:48:28 »
Hello there,
I have an image that suffer dithering noise!
Look at this example:!iZZESToS!vfLCSok_yMuJu_T6MhON-MTWMeU74yqg4jMrSjBYGKU

I am not familiar with PixInsight but I always process my images using BatchPreprocessing & ImageIntegration scripts.

I read that I can use DrizleIntegration script directly inside BatchPreprocessing & ImageIntegration, but I am confused because I cannot understand if I need to combine all the c_d_r images + drizzle data or drizzle data only.

The guide in the 1 th page shows as last step the DrizleIntegration script, but the step before shows the ImageIntegration scripts...
If I run the ImageIntegration scripts I have the final image, so how can I set the parameters & combine the drizzle data ?
Anyone can explain me better?

Is this script really able to remove the dithering noise from the image, or is it better to shot again with more luck?!
Thanks, Filippo