Author Topic: Suggestion: file types in the open dialog  (Read 2290 times)

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Suggestion: file types in the open dialog
« on: 2007 July 07 11:40:05 »
I have some FITS, TIFF and JPEG files in this laptop. It's amazing the facility Murphy has to make PixInsight choose the wrong file type when I enter a folder :).

I mean, PixInsight remembers the type of the last file open and the next time the dialog is shown, only the files of the same type appear. When I go to a different folder, it appears empty because all files are of other type.

My suggestion is that, when the user enters a folder in which there are no files of the selected type, change the type to show all files. But only if the user hasn't previously changed the type while the dialog was open (otherwise, PixInsight can be accused of fighting the user).
 David Serrano