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Default window size
« on: 2007 June 15 04:28:40 »
When I delete my ~/.config directory (Linux version) and run PixInsight, the window appears maximized by default. If I restore it, the true dimensions of the window are revealed: 1697x1042. This is quite large for my 1280x800 laptop ;).

If I instruct my window manager to set the PixInsight window to a reasonable size and restart both the window manager and the application, it works as expected but, if I then delete the ~/.config directory again, PixInsight appears maximized. Restoring it makes the windows too large. To get my desired size I have to close and run the application again.

I don't know how the window size defaults are managed in MS Windows but I guess that a reasonable default would be (screen_width - 30) x (screen_height - 30) and then save the size and placement on exit. The same policy could be used on other OSs. I don't like maximized windows by default because that way I cannot set their size and placement in my window manager configuration.
 David Serrano

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Default window size
« Reply #1 on: 2007 August 04 10:23:28 »
Hi David,

Look for the following configuration key:


and set it to false. In addition, you might also be interested in messing with these ones:


For now, each time you install a new version, all configuration keys are restored to their default values, so you have to redo the manual editing work... This will change very soon with the new Preferences process/interface, and also a new command-line command that will allow you to edit preference keys individually.

Hope this helps.
Juan Conejero
PixInsight Development Team