Author Topic: Open Copy unable to navigate file tree past root C drive  (Read 2434 times)

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For PCL-win32-,

I can open an image file (File, Open), but ONLY if the image file is located on the root C drive.  If I try to open a file located anywhere else, the program hangs.  

Hmm, actually, trying again to open the same file after closing and reopening PixInsight, I can't replicate my "success" at opening the file using File, Open.  Hmm, wait, yes, I can open the file if I click "open" instead of double-clicking the file name.  But once the file is open, the program hangs.  

If I try to open a copy (File, Open a Copy), even on the root C drive, the program hangs as soon as I click on a drive.  

Once the program hangs, my only recourse seems to be to use Task Manager to kill the program.  


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Open Copy unable to navigate file tree past root C drive
« Reply #1 on: 2007 June 09 18:44:10 »
Hi Elle,

Are you running PixInsight on Windows 2000? If so, it can be that SP4 is now strictly required by the core application.

The main cause for this change should be that starting with build 291 we integrate Qt 4.3.0. This is a major new Qt release with full Windows Vista support, so no surprise if it is more restrictive than previous versions...

Juan Conejero
PixInsight Development Team