Author Topic: [PCL] Auxiliary development libraries missing in Windows PCL distributions  (Read 1922 times)

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Some required .lib files have not been included on the lib directories of Windows PCL distributions. This will be fixed in the next release.

Download the attached zip file for your platform (either x86 or x86_64) and decompress it on your lib installation directory.
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Would these missing components have any bearing on the 'Compilation Problems' that have been raised on the 'Software' Forum recently?

(I really feel that, for completeness, I would like to be able to compile 'my own' PCL code - but will NOT be 'investing' in Microsoft to achieve that, which means I really waould like to be able to compile using VSC++ Express, either 2008 or, preferably, 2010 to make use of multi-monitor support).

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oh, I miss those days when we were compiling with mingw... :D

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