Author Topic: Possible remote assistance request  (Read 1544 times)

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Possible remote assistance request
« on: 2009 November 19 05:48:39 »
Hi all,

As mentioned in a 'Bug Report' thread, re-quoted here
It was more a case of looking at ATWT to see if a series of appropriate masks could be created, to mimic how Ron Wodaski's Zone Process System (which he demonstrates, in his book of the same name, using PhotoShop) could be applied to PI, but in a manner where there is no 'painting' of masks.

In other words, can PI establish, automagically, the same 'Zones' as are described by Ron?

However, after half an hour my brain was in thermal runaway and, like you, I wanted to reread Vincents ancient LE tutorial.

Hopefully I am going to manage to have the (long overdue) one-to-one session with Neil Fleming this Saturday afternoon (using Skype and TeamViewer) and I was hoping to help him understand PI better, and to see how some of his normal PS routines could be 'translated' to PI.

(So, if there are any 'PI Experts' out there who want to be 'on standby' at around 16:00 GMT (17:00 CET, 11:00 EST, 08:00 PWT) on Sat 21st Nov 2009 - I would certainly be grateful     )

... if anybody feels that they might be better qualified than me (which really means just about all of you  :'() and could be available at around that time, maybe a combined effort might help bring Neil 'up to speed' with the latest power of PI. If he was able to make the transition from PS to PI, then our community would hopefully enjoy huge benefits as we learn how he adapts his PS methods to the world of PI.

Let me know (off-forum if you wish) a Skype contact, and whether you think you might be able to be available. I have no agenda for the discussion with Neil, he approached me via a Yahoo Group, and we have been trying to organise a mutually convenient time ever since.

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