Author Topic: Real Time Preview weird screen behaviour  (Read 5760 times)

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Re: Real Time Preview weird screen behaviour
« Reply #15 on: 2009 November 24 11:12:48 »
PixInsight is proudly hosted by Lunarpages since 2007, and we do have "unlimited" disk space and bandwidth. So far, I am really happy with Lunarpages: excellent features, excellent uptime, and wonderful support.

Despite that, I am always very reluctant to trust "unlimited anything". Maybe I am an 80's guy, after all, and I am too used to work "under minimums". I grew in the glorious days of 6502, where multiplication had to be done by some combination of table lookups and iterative summations, and the whole universe fitted into 64 KB. :) I must recognize that my own mental limitations have betrayed me when I've reduced the attachment size to 128 KB. So I'm going to set it to 192 KB again after writing this >:D
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Re: Real Time Preview weird screen behaviour
« Reply #16 on: 2009 November 24 14:32:02 »
Ahh, Juan - the '6502 - now THAT was a processor worth coding for  :)

I wrote my first ever 'full-blown' application in machine code for the 6502. A NOAA Weather Satellite downlink decoding and display program, which ran in less than 10K of hand-coded assembler, on a BBC Microcomputer.

My programming skills have really been going downhill ever since (not really, of course, my skills have remained static, and it is the complexity of the computing environment that has gone 'up' !!!!).

And, Sander, I well remember the first time I ever saw a 'full-colour' (i.e. 256 possible colours, GIF-format) image on a 286-based PC, in EGA resolution. I was STUNNED by the quality. It was SO REAL  :surprised:

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