Author Topic: 6 panel HaRGB mosaic, 1 panel of B channel causing ABE/DBE trouble?  (Read 87 times)

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I am building a 6 panel HaRGB mosaic, so 24 images in total prior to mosaicking them together. 23/24 panels are stitching perfectly but 1x blue panel will not. The workflow I am using is:
1. Calibrate and integrate each panel for each filter.
2. Run ABE/DBE on each panel to remove gradients.
3. Register each panel using mosaic by cords
4. Run dnaLinearFit for each panel.
5. Use GradientMergeMosaic to produce the mosaic for each filter.

Using stats on the blue panels the median value for all of them (prior to running ABE/DBE) is approx. 780. After running DBE they are all approx. 330 except panel 5/6 which shows correction but it remains at approx. 780. This is leading to a huge difference in brightness between this panel the the other 5 which cannot be balanced with dnaLinearFit. If I don't run ABE/DBE the gradients mean it doesn't stitch seamlessly.

I tried ABE and DBE, the behaviour is always the same.

Link to files:!AtooZYq7lKxzgU0cvGulxVYy3v7b?e=Qc0ZNx

Is there something I can do to get a better ABE/DBE result so all the panels stitch better?