Author Topic: My own batch preprocessing - inclusion of CosmeticCorrection and Hot/Cold Thresh  (Read 920 times)

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Hi -

I'm trying to automate my own standard preprocessing operations (using javascript), which the Batch Preprocessing scripts don't quite match.  I've found success so far (thanks in no small part to these forums), but am now stuck on Cosmetic Correction. 

My typical use of CC is:
  - Use Master Dark
  - Set Hot Pixels Threshold by specifying a quantity of hot pixels (typically 5000 for me).  The UI then sets a "real qty" above this number, which is fine.
  - Set Cold Pixels Threshold similar to Hot Pixels
  - Apply
Simple, and operating under the assumption that there are errant pixels in the camera's readout electronics that this step is correcting for, relying on integration clipping to remove things like gamma strikes. 

Unfortunately, the CosmeticCorrection process only accepts Hot / Cold thresholds in level units, and the conversion from "counts" to "level" seems to happen in the GUI layer of the CC process.  Is there some way to accomplish this through javascript relatively easily?  I'd hate to have to write my own "open the dark image, calculate histograms, find the level" code, or to somehow manage a set of CC process icons to go along with my dark files.

Thanks for the help,
- Matt