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No stars
« on: 2019 October 04 06:55:04 »
I'm brand new to PI... so I studied the tutorial (by easypixInsight) on DSLR pre- and postprocessing. After I (think that) I understood the basic functionality - and I found the tutorial very good - I used the same batch pre-processing BPP script to pre-process my own data taken with a Canon EOS 600D. I have added darks and lights to BPP ( I have no flats or bias) and hit run.... so far things went ok, up to including de-bayering until it came to "registering images" where the process stopped because either no stars (on my M31 data) or only one star (on my horse head data) were found, and the error message explained that at least 6 stars would be needed. I did not modify the settings of the BPP script.... so, something went wrong....which is ... ?? Thanks for any help on this.

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Re: No stars
« Reply #1 on: 2019 October 11 00:07:11 »
No one is addressing I will put in my advice.
I would not recommend using BPP for the registration (at least until you know all parameters will work perfectly).
You might consider using BPP to calibrate only (perhaps with cosmetic correction).
Then use StarAligment. This may avoid a few gotchas right off the top. If you still have the same issue- then you will want to post a few example images.
It is pretty hard to go wrong with StarAlignment. You will need to make certain the stars are focused.