Author Topic: Truncated Full Installation File  (Read 3774 times)

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Truncated Full Installation File
« on: 2004 October 20 02:13:05 »
Hi everybody,

Jeff Randall of Preston, WA has reported a problem with the full (with local documentation) installation file downloaded from our new website.

For some reason the ftp server truncated the .exe file to 18 MB when I uploaded it yesterday, resulting in an invalid Windows installation module.

The file name is PixInsightLE32_1_0_1_setup.exe, and its length must be, exactly, 21,821,441 bytes, once downloaded to your local hard drive.

I have uploaded the file again and now it seems correct. Please let me know if you have some problems with this file again, and sorry for the inconveniences.


Juan Conejero
PixInsight Development Team