Author Topic: Beginner question - all images convert to grey  (Read 552 times)

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Beginner question - all images convert to grey
« on: 2019 August 01 10:44:59 »
I'm really just starting with PI. All my images (NEF files from a Nikon DSLR) are being converted to gray. As soon as I open ANY image, the toolbar switches f rom RGB/K to GRAY.  Nothing has been done to my files before opening PI, I just copied them straight from the memory stick to my hard drive.

PI seems to really think the files are GRAY - I can't run many of the processes because they "can only run on color images".

I have selected PURE RAW in FORMAT EXPLORER/RAW in PI.

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Re: Beginner question - all images convert to grey
« Reply #1 on: 2019 August 01 11:52:22 »
Hi and welcome to the forum,

Relax, this is normal! The images are colour images and PixInsight needs a little help decoding the colour. Basically, the images is built up or red, green and blue pixels and PixInsight needs to know which pixel represents which colour. The order in which the pixels are building up the image is called the Bayer Matrix and you need to Debayer the image in order to see the colour. See for more info

and search for debayer in that page.

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