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Hiya folks,

Just installed Version
Things seemed good until I mounted the new PI.
It defaults to full screen, with no pulldowns, etc.  I can open up images with quick keys .... but then the images do not show.
I will attach a screen cap of what I am seeing (and what I can't get out of).
Also, this is a Windows 7 machine and I am able to do the Alt + Ctl + U  sequence but it only toggles back and forth between a larger and smaller version of the same thing ... with the smaller version only having the gray bar at top with the blue cube icon and "PixInsight 1.8.6" on it.  Have also restarted the computer, no change.
Any suggestions warmly welcomed......

Jeff in Oakville, Canada

PS:  I had just been running the earlier version and it was fine.
PPS:  Uninstalled and reinstalled ... same problem.
PPPS: Installed the earlier version again, that earlier version works fine.

Juan Conejero:
Hi Jeff,

This is a machine-specific issue that we cannot reproduce. Check that you have the latest driver versions available for your graphics card. Also take into account that you always must reboot your computer after installing PixInsight on Windows 7 (this is not necessary on Windows 10).

Besides that, note that Windows 7 and 8.x are no longer supported by current versions of PixInsight. I strongly recommend you upgrade to Windows 10.

Hi back, Juan,

Thank you very much for your reply and advice.
I just updated the OS on this particular computer -- as per your "strong" recommendation -- and all is now GOOD!   ;D
As it turns out, I had held off on the PI update on my Windows 10 machine, due to the Win 7 experience.
Now, I will shortly update that computer, too, with your latest PI version.
Woo hoo!

Again, thank you very much ... from Canada.

Jeff Booth

Juan Conejero:
Hi Jeff,

That's great, I'm glad to know I could help. Now I hope you enjoy PixInsight!

Juan, et al - I (also in Canada) am having this same problem - the newest release PI boots up with a totally black screen. If I move the mouse to the top of the screen and click where the menu titles should be, they appear. But nothing else is accessible. If I double click on the background, I'm offered the file-open window. I select a file recently processed in PI and I can tell it opened it but I can't see it. Moving the cursor around tells me there is something on the screen but all is black. I managed to load my process icons and again, I can tell they are there but they are black on black. I am running an i7 Dell XPS laptop with W'7 home that is fully up to date and this all started when I loaded the latest release of PI. Everything else on the computer is still working fine.

Stuart (northwest of Oakville)


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