Author Topic: Bias, DarkFlat, Flat in BPP  (Read 89 times)

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Bias, DarkFlat, Flat in BPP
« on: 2019 April 10 12:36:54 »
Hello everyone,

I want to ask if my workflow is right.

In BPP I add the bias frames, in the dark section the FlatDark frames, In the flat section the Flat frames, in the light section te Dummy light frames. I "uncheck" "optimise darks" in Global

After that I create a superbias from the created master bias and use the created Masterflat in the second run of BPP

In the second run I put in the Superbias, in the dark section the Dark frames, in the flat section the MasterFlat, and again dummy lights. I "check" use "masterbias and masterflat", I "uncheck" again the optimise darks in Global.

Than I have a superbias, Masterdark, Masterflat. I do this workflow for all my filters.

Than I will use these Masters for my lights in BPP and I put them all in, I check calibrate only, check cosmic correction.  Than in Global I check the use master bias, flat and dark.

But I "uncheck" again "the optimise dark frames" here. Is that the right thing to do or is it necessary to "check" "optimise dark frames" here for the first time or do I need to check this box in the first or second run off BPP?
Thanks in advance for your support,