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M82 HaRGB and an experiment
« on: 2019 April 04 13:40:31 »
TOA 130 with ASI 1600.  No luminance yet--just Haand RGB.  I am looking forward to collecting some lum.  I decided to take longer subs with teh bASI 1600.  previously I had been taking hundreds of 30-60sec subs, but was never really satisfied.  I think the longer subs help (its my processing that topples the turnip cart!)

Red: 46 300 sec
Green: 53 300 sec
Blue 51 300s ec

The second image is a true experiment.  All I had at teh time was Red, Green and Ha.  I though--"what can UI make from that?"  The answer is this image--much more natural looking than I had thought it would be.  I find it amazing that there is such a strong blue presence when there is no blue data in the image.  It kind of reminds me of the Hubble Palette.

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