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Re: Price
« Reply #30 on: 2019 March 19 20:12:23 »
You know what. I have no right to be upset and group the owner in with evil corporations. He could give all his money to charity for all i know. I apologize

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Re: Price
« Reply #31 on: 2019 March 20 13:08:07 »
Don't worry, my software and I will be brought down. it's only a matter of time, so you'll have your laughing moment, just be patient. In the meantime, please don't disturb and let me become rich with my old paradigms, selling PixInsight licenses at astronomical prices. Your messages won't be deleted because I don't like censuring, but the rest of users may not deserve your contributions, so your forum user has been banned for sanity. This is the first time something like that happens. So enjoy!
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