Author Topic: Linear plane manual background extraction  (Read 351 times)

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Linear plane manual background extraction
« on: 2019 March 20 13:13:24 »
I'm currently processing a close up of the Rosette with no reliable background points.  I eventually managed to get what I think is a decent result with just 4 points which I figured should be about the same level.  However, it made me think if there could be a better way of doing it.

How about if you had a manual background extractor that assumes that the gradient in the image is a tilted linear plane.  You could adjust the tilt of the assumed plane to be deducted from the image via a real-time preview until you got a result you're happy with.  You could control the direction and amplitude of the tilt with either a virtual joystick or x and y sliders all centered at zero.  You could run it on RGB/K or on R, G and B individually.

Sound like a good idea ?

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Re: Linear plane manual background extraction
« Reply #1 on: 2019 March 20 15:10:31 »
Interesting idea. I use first order background models a lot with ABE, but with the "limitation" that you don't get to pick directly the reference points, and sometimes is hard to capture the right background areas. I would rather have that built into ABE, than manual sliders. Or have DBE work with various order models, rather than splines.