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Wacom tablet and Mac
« on: 2019 March 01 10:49:26 »
I seem to be having a problem using Wacom tablets on a Mac with PI.  Specifically, the mouse cursor keeps disappearing or getting stuck in image windows.

I have both a Wacom Intuos Pro tablet and a Wacom Cintiq display.  Both exhibit the same behavior.  I have made certain that I am using the most current version of the Wacom drivers and I am using version of PI.

I have been working around this problem by tapping the stylus outside of the image area, which returns the cursor to the arrow shaped system cursor, which allows me to see where the cursor is, but the PI defined cursor (cross or whatever) is not shown.  Tapping in the image will function (placing a sample in DBE, for example) but then the cursor is again stuck at that position and I have to tap outside of the window again to bring a mouse cursor back. 

I do not have the same issue on my Windows 10 machine.

As always, any assistance would be greatly appreciated.