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Icons not displaying properly
« on: 2019 February 12 02:30:39 »
Minor annoyance for today......

Windows is not displaying the correct icon for .psm .xisf .xosm and .xpsm files. It just displays the generic unassociated icon.

I have cleared the windows icon cache and tried reassociating the files with PixInsight but I still just have the generic unassociated icon. I have version Ripley(x64) installed but in file type association, the default program assigned is version 1.8.5 Ripley.

This happened before and an uninstall/reinstall sorted it for a while......this morning they changed.......minor annoyance. This doesn't effect the software at all and the application/desktop icon is fine. The files open correctly too.

If anyone has any ideas........Thanks in advance  :D