Author Topic: Batch PreProcessing Crash?  (Read 273 times)

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Batch PreProcessing Crash?
« on: 2019 February 12 08:31:21 »
When I try to run the Batch Preprocessing Script I get the following error message:

run --execute-mode=auto "C:/Program Files/PixInsight/src/scripts/BatchPreprocessing/BatchPreprocessing.js"

Processing script file: C:/Program Files/PixInsight/src/scripts/BatchPreprocessing/BatchPreprocessing.js
*** Error [000]: C:/Program Files/PixInsight/include/pjsr/NumericControl.jsh, line 153: Error: At address 00007FFFC86B5470 with exception code C0000005 :
Access violation: invalid memory read operation at address 0000000000000008

My system is:
PixInsight Ripley (x64)
MS Surface Pro
W10 Pro 64bit
i5-7300U @ 2.6GHz

I also get the occasional PixInsight crash were the program just disappears. Any ideas?


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Re: Batch PreProcessing Crash?
« Reply #1 on: 2019 February 18 11:36:03 »
Hi Graham,

None of these problems can be reproduced on any supported platform under normal working conditions. These are machine-specific issues.

This is most likely being caused by a combination of faulty graphics drivers and missing/wrong/damaged system components. Updating your graphics drivers (Intel) to the latest version available may help to solve these issues. Another possibility is a fresh operating system reinstall without any vendor-provided utilities (bloatware) and with a minimal configuration to keep the system as clean as possible.
Juan Conejero
PixInsight Development Team