Author Topic: First RAW to finish color picture via PI  (Read 182 times)

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First RAW to finish color picture via PI
« on: 2019 January 24 23:43:30 »
While not much to look at, posting all the same as it is a first. It is 1.3hr of 30s unguided lights from a 127mmES in osc from 1600mcp. I broke the integration into our G & B clean them up then recombine as L RGB using a luminance from about 4 hours of 5nm hydrogen Alpha from a 72 mm scope. I know it could have turned out better but I learned a lot. I think I hit it with all the little features where I should have selected one or the other. One thing I noticed is I can see Alnitak as a double, subtle and new. Still can't figure out what to do with my dark Flats.

This was shrunk on my cell phone for this post using PSexpress. Other than that just has only seen pixinsight.
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