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Default Folders for Calibration files
« on: 2019 January 27 11:23:54 »
For those of us that use a library of calibration files would it be possible to have defaults that can be save for Darks, Flats, and Bias frames? After creating successful masters I seldom keep the original files and name my masters so dates, exposures and temperatures are obvious in their naming. But when processing a good deal of images from different imaging runs the back and forth eats up time. What I'm requesting is a way to designate the folders so when I calibrate the images and tell the process what dark to use it opens my folder of master darks. When I need to tell it which flat it opens my master Flats folder and I can choose the proper master flat. For me I have to have east/west flats because I use a rotator so I name them by PA/Pier side (E/W), temperature and so on such as PI_AutoFlat_PA025-R-Bin1_East.xisf and so on. Darks are listed in a similar way such as PI_MstrDark-20-900-(#ofExp)-Bin1-xisf so this tells me the master is at -20 for 900 seconds made using 30 darks at Bin 1. The creation date is in the folder headings.

Another nice feature would be if we could turn on auto STF so when we open raw images they are already auto stretched without doing anything further. This allows inspection of the data before processing and we can do preliminary culling accordingly. Just a few thoughts.
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