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Feature requests related to ProcessContainer
« on: 2018 December 30 06:18:18 »
Please let me know if these features already exist. I searched and could not find them.

1. Option to save the ProcessContainer in the XISF image file, either in the save dialog box, and even better to have a preference that turns this on always.
2. Within the ProcessContainer, a user-settable flag that will make the relevant process "interactive", by pre-initializing the process and opening its window, but waiting for the user to execute.
3. A way to abstract the number and names of files to be acted upon in a sequence of processes such as: ImageCalibration, CosmeticCorrect, Debayer.

The rationale for #2 is that every image may require slightly different settings in some steps. The ProcessContainer could automate the sequence of steps but optionally give the user a chance to update particular settings for the current data. The rationale for #3 is to further enable transportability of a ProcessContainer to a new dataset.

These are in increasing order of difficulty to implement, probably, but #1 alone would be quite useful.