Author Topic: Using the PCL and the API  (Read 481 times)

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Using the PCL and the API
« on: 2018 December 19 07:15:14 »

I was able to build the PCL lib in VS2017 but is there any info how to use the PCL API and building a dll and install it in PI?
I asume I add the PCL lib to my c++ dll project any exemple of usage?


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Re: Using the PCL and the API
« Reply #1 on: 2018 December 24 04:11:53 »
Hi Christer,
the PCL documentation can be found here The API is well documented. On github you can find a minimal module called Sandbox (src/modules/processes/Sandbox), which is useful to understand what is needed to create your own C++ module. There you also find the make or vsproject files to build the project.

If you create your own module, you can use the PixInsight script Script->Development->Makefile Generator to create make/vsproject files for your new module. Please note that the PCL environment variables as described on the github Readme (, have to be correctly set when you want to use the Makefile generator.

A new module can be loaded into PI with PI under  Process->Modules->Install Modules. If the new module was installed correctly, it will be loaded automatically after PI restart. If the new modules crashes, it will be removed from the installation list and you have to add it manually again with Process->Modules->Install Modules.

Hope that helps!