Author Topic: Blink - Feature request: Copy/move checked files  (Read 416 times)

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Blink - Feature request: Copy/move checked files
« on: 2018 October 11 02:27:53 »

I think it would be really nice and handy if there were two more buttons in the Blink-process, for "Copy/Move checked files to new location”. Now there are buttons only for "selected files".

After rejecting all ugly files by removing the checkmark during review, all remaining checked files are ready for being moved or copied to another directory.
Today you need to also select all the checked files (ctrl+shift+click) before beeing able to move or copy them. With maybe a couple of hundred subs in the process window, with unchecked files in-between, this is a very time consuming and unnecessary extra task easy to mess up.

Or is there perhaps a walk-around or function I have missed in the Blink process?


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Re: Blink - Feature request: Copy/move checked files
« Reply #1 on: 2018 October 12 04:36:04 »

Blink should have at least a "select unchecked" button or something like that. It's a great little tool but currently it is very cumbersome to use for larger amounts of files.

What makes the selection process even worse is that the mouse scroll wheel and cursor keys also change the selection. So you can only work with the left mouse button on the left scroll bar to navigate through the list without changing the current selection.

While we're at it: It would be great if we could create a process icon on the desktop for blink.