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11002 vs 6303E
« on: 2018 September 04 15:30:20 »
Hey folks,

I have been shooting with an SBIG STXL 6303E for some time now and while it has great sensitivity, dealing with the blooms is, frankly, a royal pain in the behind.  Since I am not and will not be doing astrometry, using a CCD with an anti-blooming gate is not really an issue.  In order to control costs, I want to stay in SBIG’s STXL line so I can use the same filters, filter wheel and AOX set up.  That means I am looking at the 11002, mainly due to chip and pixel size.

Can folks who use the 11002 give me their thoughts and also would love to hear from anyone who has experience with a direct comparison.

Thanks all,

Really, are clear skies, low wind and no moon that much to ask for? 

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Re: 11002 vs 6303E
« Reply #1 on: 2018 September 04 20:16:12 »
Hi Jim,

I have an older STL11000 camera and get data from a remote site with the STXL version.  The KAI-11002M is an old sensor but still a reasonably decent one.  Lower read noise and better QE would be nice but you can still produce great results if you use the camera to best advantage (with subs long enough to be sky limited, at least for LRGB.)