Author Topic: Problem with PhotometricColorCalibration  (Read 245 times)

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Problem with PhotometricColorCalibration
« on: 2018 August 26 04:59:53 »
Hi all,
I'm Trying to use PCC with an image of the Veil nebula.

I've used PCC before without problems and I know quite well the process, but now, with this image, it fails.
The procedure goes well almost to the end, but at the very end PI tells me

Photometry process finished:
   3 of 3 images processed successfully.
   0 images with errors.

*** Error: Insufficient photometric data: Got 0 sample(s); at least 5 are required.
Reading swap files...
1830.416 MiB/s
<* failed *>
I've tried with different servers and setting, but the problem seem to be only teh color calibration data in this area of the sky.

I cannot figure out why.

Thank you for any help.