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L RGB combine
« on: 2018 April 14 08:25:11 »
i had a look on youtube for integrating 2 sub s   Lum and my RGB   ( not much EZ stuff)   so  now that i have them , 2 things are apparent.
1- the frames are way off  alignment wise ( 2 diff nights of imaging cam/scope offset)
2- dont know how to combine the 2 ... integration says cannot integrate lees then 3 frames !!!
but i did try  L-RGB module but the final frame has absolutely no color only black and white back to square 1.

Hey all:
i am brand new at L-RGB, been at DSLR OSC for 20 years now im dumb as they get in Pixinsight for LRGB.
im thinking this may have been a mistake... OSC is so SIMPLE..

any guidance would really be appreciated.. or a link to a SIMPLE L-RGB combo of 2 Frames.. for a colored RGB image.
there's is still the problem of at what point do i start processing the 2 separate frames as they come out of Batch pre-processing before combining them..


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Re: L RGB combine
« Reply #1 on: 2018 April 15 04:46:35 »
Hi Mitch,

do you have single lights or stacked masters?  For he latter apply:

First of all, the frames have to be registered with StarAlignment, if it does not work with DynamicAlignment, maybe afterwards a slight DynamicCrop.
Stretch with HistogramTransform, then LRGBCombination.
Insert L (lum), deactivate R, G, B. Set saturation (test on previews, the smaller the value the more colorful), Chrom.Noise Red. I would also check.
Triangle to RGB - done