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The blue filter...
« on: 2018 March 16 12:30:17 »
I was recently processing a set of frames of M10 when I ran into an issue.

Briefly the Lum frames were shot 120seconds at 1x1 binning.

The RGB frames were shot 60 seconds 2x2 binning.

The R & G frames looked fairly good but the Blue have a very low snr weighting and show some really strong vigenetting that even the flats did not fully resolve.

Is it a common practice to shoot the blue filter for a longer duration than the other channels?

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Re: The blue filter...
« Reply #1 on: 2018 March 25 11:26:05 »
I think most people shoot all RGBs the same length.  That said, you need to adapt to your own sky and adjust as necessary.  You did not say what you were shooting.  Is it a target with weak blues to begin with?  What's your light pollution like?


Really, are clear skies, low wind and no moon that much to ask for? 

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