Author Topic: DynamicCrop Impasse: Sharing an Unexpected Solution  (Read 400 times)

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DynamicCrop Impasse: Sharing an Unexpected Solution
« on: 2018 March 12 16:51:43 »
I want to share this solution.

Periodically I have an issue trying to use DynamicCrop; when I try to create a process icon by dragging the new instance triangle to the workspace I get the dreaded error message that the image is being used by another dynamic process; this when the toolbar indicator [Dynamic Operation Mode] does not show a process icon. After removing all images and icons from all workspaces and restarting the program, I still had the issue. Finally I realized I had the image expanded, having clicked the + sign, to better be able to see where I wanted to crop. I was trying to create the process icon from that window. When I went back to the normal sized window [the square icon], the problem was fixed.