Author Topic: Help Me Understand What I Am Looking At  (Read 374 times)

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Help Me Understand What I Am Looking At
« on: 2018 February 10 14:26:29 »

Can anyone explain to me what I am seeing in this picture? I took 100 30sec subs of M1 and just Integrated them - no calibration or registration. In the picture there are a lot of black pixels and was wondering what they are and what causes them? Are they a normal thing before calibration and registration? Are they cold pixels? Is there something weird with the camera?

I didn't dither these either (normally I do).

Pic1 is unzoomed
Pic2 is zoomed in

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Re: Help Me Understand What I Am Looking At
« Reply #1 on: 2018 February 10 16:03:43 »

You say they are uncalibrated... but in some software programs (like Maxim Dl) if you check Auto Calibrate..this is exactly what you get.
This is especially true for the 30 second exposures depending on the profile settings you used.

If you look in the FITs header it will say I am correct or not.
Everyone is *always* happy to tell me I am wrong! Please let me know.