Author Topic: Acces violated C0000005, Noncontinuable system exception - fresh installation  (Read 369 times)

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Hello dear Forum and Pixinsight Team,

I'm struggling with some error occurring during my PI sessions lately, why i decided to reinstall PI.
When starting PI (also after the updates) the following errors occur.

And especially disturbing is the crash during the GMM where it just says "failed" and the whole program dies after showing an "Noncontinuable system exception"

I'm using:
Win10 Pro
Asus B350M-A
Ryzen5 1600 overclocked
Corsair DDR4 LPX 2400MHz 2x 8GB
C: Samsung SSD 850 EVO 250GB  (70GB free)
D: WD Blue 2 TB HDD

The system is running stable and also PI was fast and reliable some weeks ago.
Windows Memory Diagnostics was without error.

Once Pixinsight crashed because I ran out of drive space in a huge project and since then i get error messages once in a while when closing a preview window which i could not reproduce for this post (saying something with reccommending to save and close my image files).

I hope you can help me since i would really like to make that 360° Milky Way Panorama ;-)

Clear Skies,
PS: GMM also crashes testing with only 2 images