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DrawSignature Script
« on: 2018 January 29 01:18:55 »

This may well not be the correct place to post this but …

PixInsight includes a script titled ‘DrawSignature.js’.  The current implementation appears to only allow drawing of the signature at the bottom left of the image.
I have updated the script for my own personal use to allow drawing of the signature anywhere on the image.  The updates to the code are trivial – add separate margins for x and y, provide additions to the user interface and increase the maximum size of margins. 

I have been using a version of the updated script for some time without any issues.  I have attached a further updated script to mark all suggested changes, but this version has not been fully tested (but it seems to work ok for me).

The original author of the script may wish to review and provide an official update. 

Note: Obviously, ‘DrawSignature’ can be used to add any text, not just signatures. The script could be called 'DrawText'.


[Note : Now replaced with slightly updated/corrected version - lines 130 and 132]
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Re: DrawSignature Script
« Reply #1 on: 2018 May 02 09:18:12 »
AnnotateImage can write texts in any place of the image, can write more than one text and can write the value of FITS keywords and other variables. It has the limitation that the image has to have been plate-solved.