Author Topic: RAM Bottleneck Win10 Image integration  (Read 387 times)

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RAM Bottleneck Win10 Image integration
« on: 2018 January 16 20:51:19 »
I am working a large data set and I am troubled because I have a custom page file setup on one of my SSD's for when I run out of RAM, which is not working for some reason.   
I am using image integration right now and it appears that the ram is bottle necking, Pi has been integrating 450 dslr light frame subs now for 3 hours.   
I need to figure out what the optimal settings are for my machine in a win10 environment.  maybe I have something configured incorrectly?
My imaging equipment consists of multiple dslr's and I typically end up with large data sets, calibrated outputs approach 500gb.

Whenever this gets finished I would like to make sure I have everything optimized to handle workflows of this volume.
Can anyone offer me a suggestion on how to improve performance?  I did some some screen shots of the current bottlenecking status if they might help.


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Re: RAM Bottleneck Win10 Image integration
« Reply #1 on: 2018 January 16 23:00:53 »

Perhaps the first thing to check is as follows:
Edit ---> Global Preferences ---> Directories and Network --- Swap storage directories ---> Add two or three swap folders that are on the SDD. 

PI is very RAM hungry as images are moved in and out of RAM as the processes are applied.  With a data set of 450 images I am not surprised that things are taking a long time :)

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