Author Topic: TheSkyX FITS Pedestal in Header  (Read 590 times)

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TheSkyX FITS Pedestal in Header
« on: 2017 December 10 06:45:58 »
Warren Keller, I decided to create a new thread for this topic as my reply was getting lost in the thread you have under Bug Reports regarding the -100 pedestal. Please refer to that thread for continuity.  I am using the manual calibration method and have the -100 value in the fits header for the pedestal.  For your solution, do I need to do the same to the darks?  And what about the biases themselves?  Do I need to do anything to them before I create a master bias?  Also, after rereading Juan's comments, he says to insert 100 as the bias value whereas you said 0.  Can either be used?

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