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Scripting Documentation
« on: 2017 November 24 13:21:26 »

Is there documentation available on the scripting language and the APIs? The Pixinsight Javascript runtime page indicates that the PJSR reference documentation may still be under development?

Also, it is possible to invoke existing processes e.g ABE (Automatic Background Extraction) from within a script?


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Re: Scripting Documentation
« Reply #1 on: 2018 January 09 07:14:29 »
I am also interested to the answer to this question. I think it is crucial to have PI in a autoatic production workflow, otherwise I need to orient myself toward other packages which allow that.

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Re: Scripting Documentation
« Reply #2 on: 2018 February 05 01:32:38 »
Yes, this is an important pending task, and one of the lacks that hurts PixInsight more. While I have written a reasonably (in my opinion) reference documentation for our C++ development framework, the same must be done for our JavaScript runtime. Along with that, we need good introductory guides for both C++ and JavaScript programming in PixInsight, and good descriptions of the object models and basic design principles. All of this means a huge amount of work and I am completely alone at this end, so don't expect anything of this to become reality very soon... Sorry, I can only do what I can do (and sometimes not even that!).
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