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Current Development Platform
« on: 2017 October 30 08:43:45 »
Hi, states that "Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2: GCC C++ compiler 4.9.1" is the Linux development platform.
- Is this still correct?
- Since I dont have a Redhat License: Can I use CentOS instead? If not: What is the recommended alternative?

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Re: Current Development Platform
« Reply #1 on: 2017 October 31 14:21:10 »
Hi Georg,

First, I think that for nearly all intents and purposes, CentOS will suffice where RHEL applies. Also, I think this platform, PCL included, works well in more cases than the team would prefer acknowledging. I assume that would increase support requests and debugging time, which is why Linux-based requirements are usually so restricted.

For example, I'm running PixInsight and a PCL tool chain on Arch Linux, a rolling release distribution that's generally as upstream and recent as possible. I have no issues using newer libraries, and in some cases I've removed the bundled PixInsight libraries to use the newer system libraries without issues. My C++/G++ compiler executable/library is on version 7.2.0.