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BPP - Pedestals and Multiple CC Processes
« on: 2017 October 01 18:15:13 »

Firstly, I find the BPP script very easy to use, and it’s a great time saver.  Nevertheless, I currently need to use the individual processes (ImageCalibration, Cosmetic Correction, StarAlignment and ImageIntegration) to overcome certain situations. The individual processes work well for me, but it would be handy if the BPP script could be updated as suggested below.

1.   Pedestals in BPP.  I image from a dark sky site, and despite taking matching Darks and Biases as soon as I can after taking my Lights, BPP sometimes generates images where low-value pixels are truncated to zero.  The situation is most likely to occur with somewhat ‘thin’ data (e.g. SII and OIII).  I overcome this situation by using the ImageCalibration process and entering appropriate Pedestals (a really useful capability!), before continuing with the rest of the individual processes.  A facility to enter Pedestals in BPP would be very helpful.

2.   Multiple CosmeticCorrection processes to accommodate different binning levels.  The BPP script seems to only allow inclusion of one CC process.  I suggest a modification to allow entry of more than one CC process to accommodate different binning levels.  This would match the current BPP ability to include Darks and Biases etc of different binning levels.  There may need to be user-entered settings to indicate which CC processes should be applied to images of different binning levels (unless this can be derived from CC parameter entries).

I do understand there is only so much you pack into a single script, but the suggestions above would certainly save me some time when preprocessing images.