Author Topic: ProcessContainer or ImageContainer Chaining  (Read 617 times)

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ProcessContainer or ImageContainer Chaining
« on: 2017 August 22 12:40:48 »
I have some manual steps that help me with this, but I believe the *Containers can be enhanced with the ability to link inputs and outputs of the different processes. For example, using the input images and the output options, you obviously know the paths of the result files, and the hard part would be getting the next process in the container to use those files.

I understand this would get much more complex with some processes that accept files in more than one place, like the ImageCalibration process. However, I think a great first step would be the large input areas that accept many files. I also realize that this would transform the relatively simple *Container processes into more advanced and error-prone versions.

For those that are curious or have stumbled on this from searches, I will describe my manual process that accomplishes chaining of processes. I'm using Sublime Text - my go-to text editor - because it is very quick and easy to modify large amounts of similar text with the idea of multiple selections/cursors, however this will work with basically anything that has find/replace functionality.

I started with the ImageCalibration process and set it up like I needed it to be, then put it in the ProcessContainer. I made an ImageIntegration process with known-good settings and the same input images as the ImageCalibration process. Then, I hit the Edit Source Code button on that Process, and copied the text into my external text editor. I basically did a find/replace (regex would be necessary here) to transform the input images to the naming convention of the expected output images. I put this back into the PixInsight editor, saved it, and added it to the container. PixInsight seemed fine with this, I guess because it didn't check that the files existed at this point. I was also able to do this with some more complex examples with the LocalNormalization and Drizzle files.

Thoughts? I hope I'm just missing some cool feature when combining ImageContainers and ProcessContainers.