Author Topic: Technical processing star adjustment challenge  (Read 594 times)

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Technical processing star adjustment challenge
« on: 2017 June 28 10:55:15 »
Hello I would really appreciate if anyone could make an attempt at helping me restore the stars in this Luminance stack from over the weekend. 
I used a monochrome converted DSLR to collect 360 light frames, I applied about 60 darks, 80 flats, and a large master bias.  The image calibrated well and is fully processable.
The problem is that I used an Astronomik ClS-CCD filter which I had in the camera already before I got to the dark site.  I did not check the filter and it had become partially unseated unfortunately.
This caused a strange thing to happen with my stars, the bright stars are fine but the faint stars have a bright central dot, it is hard to explain but if you look at the attached image file you will see what I mean, look to the left of the center of the image in the star field.

  I know that there has to be a good way to repair these stars via morphological transformation or some other technique.  I am really hoping some of your more advanced pixinsight users can share some creative approaches to dealing with this issue.  Please feel free to download and post your results as well as your repair process.  I am really hoping to be able to fix this image.  Thanks!