Author Topic: My Light Frames look terrible - Before and after calibration..  (Read 899 times)

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Good Afternoon,

I have been reading a great deal and watching a number of the many videos available.   All seems straight forward to follow, and for the most i seem to understand whats going on.

What is bothering me is the quality of the light frames..   I am using the Batch Preprocessing script to start with.

 Here are  examples of a streched light frame, calibrated light frame and one of the final processed Lums.

Hopefully someone could give me some direction here.   I am tending to think its the quality of the raw capture itself.


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The sub you posted doesn't looks that bad.  You might try using CosmeticCorrection with BPP to help remove some of artifacts like dark & hot pixels.

Try stretching the resulting master without any other processing. Use STF and hover over the autostretch (nuclear icon) button. It will tell you how to open the parameters dialog. Adjust the target background down from the default. Repeat until you find a good point. Apply this to HT. If you see black clipping raise the shadows clipping parameter. Adjust both of these settings until you have very minimal clipping but a good stretch result. Apply this via HT.

- Greg
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The background on your stacked image looks very familiar to me.  It is a pattern of small, puffy clouds.  I am having a very similar problem but only with my narrowband filters.

Are you dithering the mount between frames?