Author Topic: errors messages and crash under the last version of Pixinsight...  (Read 28 times)

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Many times the new version of Pixinsight crash or send me error message and process abort : (and all was ok with the precedent version)

version 1.0805.1353 X64 sous W10 64 bits (installed after cleaning the old version)

before returning under the last version I post in th ehope you will some advice...

last time I've tried Image integration and I got 1st message : Eror filedatacache::Load():  corrupted cache data
and just after : PCL Win32 Sysytem exception at adress 00007FFA5AA09E08 with except violation code C000005 ;
Acces violation :invalid memory read operation at adress 0000000000000010.

thanks by advance for your help