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A new version of the XISF specification document (public draft 9.4) is now available online:

You may need to refresh your browser.

This is virtually the final XISF 1.0 specification document, which I'll release in a few days if there are no further contributions.

The previous drafts 9.3, 9.2 and 9.1 are also available for reference:

As always, the entire PIDoc source code of the latest version is available on our GitHub open source repositories:

Main changes:

      - Flexible byte ordering. Individual data blocks can now be stored encoded as little-endian or big-endian in an XISF unit. This allows for optimized access to data structures, tailored to specific hardware architectures. The default byte order is little-endian, which is consistent with the vast majority of systems where XISF is going to be implemented and deployed.

      - Proofreading and error corrections.

This version comes with a first reference implementation in C++. It is part of our standard C++ development framework, the PixInsight Class Library:

The reference implementation can be used to implement XISF support in any application, and of course it does not require a running PixInsight application; just linking a project with the PCL library. This will be publicly available tomorrow.

All comments, suggestions and error reports are welcome.
Juan Conejero
PixInsight Development Team