Author Topic: Blending 2 images/HDRWavelet Transform amount slider  (Read 1664 times)

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Blending 2 images/HDRWavelet Transform amount slider
« on: 2009 April 07 04:18:47 »

I have recently worked with HDRWavelet transform to improve an image of M51. It improved the structure of the galaxy considerably, but all the settings I tried were just too strong giving it a very unnatural look. What in the end helped was to blend the HDRWavelet transformed image with the original using Pixelmath $T+HDRImage.

Many tools in Pixinsight have an "Amount" slider that basically does this blending for you. Maybe it would be a good idea to add such a slider to the HDRWavelet tool. Even better, of course, would be a blender tool that would allow to blend 2 or more images with each other, preferably with a preview option.

Just 2 ideas.

Georg (6 inch Newton, unmodified Canon EOS40D+80D, unguided EQ5 mount)