Author Topic: XISF Version 1.0 Specification - DRAFT 8  (Read 933 times)

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XISF Version 1.0 Specification - DRAFT 8
« on: 2017 January 21 18:57:35 »
A new version of the XISF specification document (eight public draft) is now available online:

You may need to refresh your browser.

The previous draft 7.1 document is also available for reference:

As always, the entire PIDoc source code of the latest version is available on our GitHub open source repositories:

Main changes:

      - Lots of error corrections and bug fixes everywhere.

      - Section 10.5 XISF Data Block Compression has been completely rewritten to include subblock compression, the byte shuffling algorithm, and the LZ4/LZ4_HC compression codecs.

Hopefully this is the last draft document before the final XISF 1.0 specification.

All comments, suggestions and error reports are extremely welcome.
Juan Conejero
PixInsight Development Team