Author Topic: simple transparency/fade process ?  (Read 684 times)

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simple transparency/fade process ?
« on: 2017 January 18 04:03:43 »
Hi there - long-term user, first time poster (I think).

In all my work flow, especially all the non-linear HDR and sharpening stuff, I find I end up using the same piece of pixelmath over and over again, along the lines of (a*opacity + b*(1-opacity)) to enable me to either fade an effect I've just done or to get a mix of differently processed versions.

Just wondering if there is a possibility of having a formal process to do that - it could have:
- real-time preview
- either two target images, or the target image and its last swap file
- transparency slider
- fully maskable
- applicable to whole image, or to R, G, B, L, a, b, chrominance etc layers

What do you think ?